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June 2008

  • Vol. 11 No. 1
  • Microbiological Characteristics of Throat Cultures from School Children in Jinju, 2006

    Eun-Ha Koh, Sunjoo Kim

  • 2003∼2007년 일개 도서 대학병원의 혈액배양에 대한 고찰

    Sung Ha Kang, Young Ree Kim

  • Evaluation of MicroScan MICroSTREP Plus Antimicrobial Susceptibility Panel for Testing Streptococcus pneumoniae

    Han-Sung Kim1,2, Jae-Seok Kim1, Chae-Ok Ha2, Wonkeun Song1, Kyu Man Lee1

  • Evaluation of the Vitek 2 Korean Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Cards AST N056 and AST N055

    So Youn Shin, Sun Hoe Koo, Kye Chul Kwon, Jong Woo Park, Chi Seon Ko, Jung Hoon Song, Ji Youn Sung

  • Clinical Usefulness of Real-time PCR and Amplicor MTB PCR Assays for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

    Chae Lim Jung, Mi Kyung Kim, Dong Chun Seo, Mi Ae Lee

  • Distribution and Clinical Significance of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Identified by High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Clinical Specimens

    Joseph Jeong, Sung-Ryul Kim, Chulhun L. Chang1, Seon Ho Lee

  • Comparison of Anti-mycobacterial Drug Susceptibility Test Results by Institutes and Methods

    Seung Hwan Oh1,2, Young Jin Kim1, Seung Kyu Park2, Sang Hyun Hwang1, Hyung Hoi Kim1, Eun Yup Lee1, Chulhun L. Chang1,3

  • Distribution and Clinical Characteristics of Fungal Species Isolated from Blood Cultures over a 7-year Period at a Tertiary-care Hospital

    Hee-Young Yang, Hee-Joo Lee, Jin-Tae Suh

  • Pseudo-outbreak of Klebsiella oxytoca from Bronchial Washing Specimens

    Ja Young Lee1, Jeong Hwan Shin1,2, Hyun-Kyung Lee3, Seong-Mi Yu5, Eun Hee Park6, Hee Ryune Lee1, Jae Hyen Kim1, Hye Ran Kim1, Chi Sook Moon3, Young Jae Kim4, Jeong Nyeo Lee1,2

  • 기생충증 진단을 위한 두 효소면역법의 비교

    Hye Ryoun Kim1, Mi Kyung Lee1, Sung Tae Hong2, Jong Yil Chai2

  • A Case of Granulicatella adiacens Septicemia Identified by 16S rRNA Sequencing Analysis

    Kyeong Seob Shin1, Bo Ra Son1, Hye Won Jeong2

  • A Case of Escherichia coli O157 Hemorrhagic Colitis

    Seok Ho Yoon, Il Joong Park, Wee Gyo Lee

  • Survey of Antimicrobial Resistance of Pharyngeal α-Hemolytic Streptococci among School Children

    Eun-Ha Koh, Sunjoo Kim