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March 2013

  • Vol. 16 No. 1
  • Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistant Rates in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolated from Respiratory Specimens:A Multicenter Study in Korea

    Jayoung Kim1, Yeon-Joon Park1, Nam Yong Lee2, Chulhun L. Chang3, Miae Lee4, Jong Hee Shin5

  • The Increase of Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Isolation in the Specimens from Respiratory System in Jeju

    Min-su Oh, Jaechun Lee

  • Comparison Cytomegalovirus Qualitative Assay Using Real-Time PCR and Conventional PCR

    Seri Jeong1, Yoon Jung Kim1, Il Kwon Bae1, Moon Jung Kim2, Seok Hoon Jeong1

  • Genetic Characteristics and Relatedness of Imported Vibrio cholerae O1 Biotype El Tor in Korea

    Hyeon Hee Kim1, Semi Jeon2, JunYoung Kim1, Seong Han Kim2, Deog-Yong Lee1

  • Detection of 13 Enteric Bacteria and 5 Viruses Causing Acute Infectious Diarrhea Using Multiplex PCR from Direct Stool Specimens

    Seungok Lee1, Yeon-Joon Park2, Hae Kyung Lee3, Soo-Young Kim4, Ja-Young Kim5, So-Young Lee6, Jin-Kyung Yoo2

  • Microbial Contamination of Donated Umbilical Cord Blood

    Jeong Su Park1,2,4, Sue Shin1,2,4, Jong Hyun Yoon1,2,4, Eun Youn Roh1,2,4, Ju Young Chang3, Eui-Chong Kim1

  • Trends in Isolation and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Enteropathogenic Bacteria in 2001-2010 ata Korean Tertiary Care Hospital

    In Joo Cho1, Jisook Yim1, Yangsoon Lee1,2, Myung Sook Kim1, Youkyung Seo1, Hae-Sun Chung1, Dongeun Yong1, Seok Hoon Jeong1, Kyungwon Lee1, Yunsop Chong1

  • A Multicentre Study about Pattern and Organisms Isolated in Follow-up Blood Cultures

    Jeong Hwan Shin1, Eui Chong Kim2, Sunjoo Kim3, Eun-Ha Koh3, Dong-Hyun Lee3,Sun-Hoi Koo4, Ji-Hyun Cho5, Jae-Seok Kim6, Nam Hee Ryoo7