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March 2019

  • Vol. 22 No. 1
  • Differences in Antimicrobial Resistance Phenotypes by the Group of CTX-M Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase

    Bareum Gwon1,2, Eun-Jeong Yoon2, Dokyun Kim2, Hyukmin Lee2, Jong Hee Shin3, Jeong Hwan Shin4, Kyeong Seob Shin5, Young Ah Kim6, Young Uh7, Hyun Soo Kim8, Young Ree Kim9, Seok Hoon Jeong2

  • Genetic Variants and Haplotypes in the IL10 Gene and Their Association with Opportunistic Infections among HIV-Infected Patients in Korea in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy

    In-Suk Kim1, Hyung-Hoi Kim2, Chulhun L. Chang1

  • Bacterial Endocarditis Caused by Abiotrophia defectiva in a Healthy Adult: A Case Report with Literature Review

    Hyunggon Je1, Duyeal Song2, Chulhun L. Chang2

  • Development and Evaluation of Multiplex PCR for the Detection of Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae

    Si Hyun Kim1, Il Kwon Bae2, Na Young Kim3,4, Sae Am Song3, Sunjoo Kim5, Joseph Jeong6, Jeong Hwan Shin3,4