The Usefulness of Active Surveillance Culture of Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-producing Escherichia coli in ICU Settings without Outbreak in the Situation of Wide Spread of Sequence Type 131 ESBL-producing E. coli in Community

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1 Departments of 1Laboratory Medicine
2 Internal Medicine, National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital, Goyang
3 Department of Laboratory Medicine, National Police Hospital
4 Research Institute of Bacterial Resistance
5 Department of Laboratory Medicine,Yonsei University College of Medicine

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Escherichia coli   Extended-spectrum β-lactamase   Prevalence   Sequence type 131   


본 연구는 대한임상미생물학회 연구비 지원으로 수행되었음 (2017-01).

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. (A) Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. SM, Lambda Ladders (Preomega, Wisconsin). (B) Dendrogram of XbaI-restricted DNA of colonizing ESBL-producing E. coli isolated from ICU-admitted patients (N=38).* *Five ESBL-producing E. coli isolates were excluded due to repeated failure of re-culture. Abbreviations: ST131, sequence type131; O25, serogroup O25; O16, serogroup O16; ESBL, extended-spectrum beta-lactamase.

Figures & Tables