Selection of Unnecessary Urine Culture Specimens Using Sysmex UF-5000 Urine Flow Cytometer

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1 Department of Laboratory Medicine, Pusan National University School of Medicine, Yangsan

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Sysmex UF-5000 flow cytometer   Unnecessary urine cultures   Urinary tract infection   


This work was supported by the annual clinical research grant from Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital (2018).

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Classification of culture negative urine samples using the three urinalysis parameters. 1) LE (N), negative (‒) or trace (+/‒) leukocyte esterase by urine reagent strip analysis; 2) nitrite (N), negative (‒) nitrite by urine reagent strip analysis; and 3) Flag (N), no or unclassified flag by UF-5000 analysis. Abbreviations: LE, leukocyte esterase; N, negative

Figures & Tables