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Myositis due to Cryptococcus neoformans in a Diabetic Patient

Case report

Annals of Clinical Microbiology (Ann Clin Microbiol) 2009 September, Volume 12, Issue 3, pages 141-143.

Myositis due to Cryptococcus neoformans in a Diabetic Patient

Sang Taek Heo1,3, In-Gyu Bae1,3, Jin Yong Park1, Sun-Joo Kim2,3
Departments of 1Internal Medicine and 2Laboratory Medicine, 3Gyeongsang Institute of Health Sciences, Gyeongsang National University School of Medicine, Jinju, Korea


We report a rare case of cryptococcalmyositis with dissemination to lung in a 66-year-old diabetic woman who had no apparent risk factors for cryptococcal disease. She visited the hospital with a continuous pain in the right thigh and fever despite of treatment with antibiotics. She developed a localized lung infiltration. Crytococcus neoformans was isolated from the abscess of the right thigh and confirmed by molecular identification with DNA sequence analysis. Biopsy of the involved lung showed numerous budding yeasts consistent with Cryptocococcus species. The patient was successfully treated with surgical drainage and systemic antifungal agents. (Korean J Clin Microbiol 2009;12:141-143) 


Cryptococcus neoformans, Myositis, Diabetes mellitus, Sequence analysis