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The Human Microbiome Project: Beginning and Future Status

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Annals of Clinical Microbiology (Ann Clin Microbiol) 2013 December, Volume 16, Issue 4, pages 162-167.

The Human Microbiome Project: Beginning and Future Status

Patrick R. Murray

BD Diagnostic Systems, Sparks, Maryland USA


In 1884 Robert Koch and Friedrich Loeffler published Koch’s Postulates defining our historical understanding of the relationship between an organism and infection: one organism: one disease. In the last decade with research on the microbial community living on and in humans, a new concept of microbial diseases has emerged; that is, alterations of the microbial community can lead to disease including an extension beyond traditional “infectious” diseases to include metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. As we continue to gain knowledge about the functions of the normal microbiome and the effects of alterations of the microbial population on disease pathogenesis, a new era of diagnostics and therapeutics will evolve. (Ann Clin Microbiol 2013;16: 162-167)


History, Human Microbiome, Metagenome