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A Case of Bacteremia Caused by Arthrobacter woluwensis

Case report

Annals of Clinical Microbiology (Ann Clin Microbiol) 2007 October Volume 10, Issue 2, pages 160-163.

A Case of Bacteremia Caused by Arthrobacter woluwensis

Gee-Young Kim1, Jin-Tae Suh1, Seok-Keun Choi2, Hee-Joo Lee1
Departments of 1Laboratory Medicine and 2Neurosurgery, Kyunghee University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea


Arthrobacter spp. are coryneform bacteria known as a soil flora and also part of normal flora of human. Since coryneform bacteria are often reported to be a cause of life-threatening diseases, and especially the human infections of Arthrobacter spp. are reported recently, it is important to identify them to the genus and species levels by additional studies including molecular tests. We report a case of bacteremia caused by Arthrobacter woluwensis, which was misidentified initially as Leifsonia aquatica by commercial kits and conventional tests, but correctly identified by 16S rRNA sequencing. (Korean J Clin Microbiol 2007;10: 160-163)


Arthrobacter woluwensis, Bacteremia, 16SrRNA sequencing